Kontes Modifikasi Motor Tertua di-Priangan Timur
Kontes Modifikasi Motor Tertua di-Priangan Timur. BE-HIMATANSI FEB UNSIL sebagai Penyelenggara Event

The Event That You Are Waiting For !! ?
BE – HIMATANSI Siliwangi University is getting back with our proudly present
⏩Siliwangi Modify Challenge Part 15⏪
Be a witness of an Awesome 15th journey ??
Come join us at the Biggest and the Oldest Motorcycle Modification Contest in East Preanger!! .
Mark the Date ?
June 28th-29th, 2019
at Mandala Hall, Siliwangi University
Siliwangi Street Number 24, Tasikmalaya City
Special with 3 Judges :
⏩ Monster Tito Otre
⏩ Don Otre
⏩ Robot Motostylerz
?Class Categories of SMC 15 :
1. Local Z Thailook Style
2. Novice Fashion Daily
3. Novice Pure Thailook Style
4. Novice Street Racing
5. Pro Pure Thailook Style
6. Baby Mothai
7. Pro Street Racing
8. Custom Modify
9. Retro Custom Open
? 12 Best Nominee
? The King Of Profesional SMC
? The King Of Non Professional SMC
Juara 1: Uang Pembinaan + Trophy + Certificate
Juara 2: Uang Pembinaan + Trophy + Certificate
Juara 3: Uang Pembinaan + Trophy + Certificate
Juara 4: Trophy + Certificate
Juara 5: Trophy + Certificate
12 The Best: Trophy + Certificate
We are Open Registration / Loading :
Friday,June 28th, 2019 at 1 pm
? Open Class Rp 185.000,-/Class
? Local Plat Z (Priangan Timur) Rp. 175.000,-/Class
*Free Merchendise of SMC (T-shirt, Id card and stikers) for first 100 registants!
?Our Entertainment Content :
Motorcycle Modification Contest
Bazzar Otomotif & Non Otomotif
Sponsor Session
Bazzar Of Culinary
?Our Special Performance :
DJ Maharetha
Reggae Performance
?Our Special MC :
1. Bie Alraja
2. Dimas Pamungkas
3. Uni Rahayu
? The Social Events :
HUBS (Himatansi Unsil Bikers Society)
Blood Donation
? The Special Content :
SMC x Samurai Paint ( Training Painting )
?Media partner :
More info (Klik untuk Menghubungi via WhatsApp):
Zalu (088222319858)
? Septian (081320782718).
Open Sponsorship and Open Booth Tenant


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